Why choose a Studio 51 Website?

Design by STUDIO 51 are the professionals at providing affordable Sites designed & based on the award winning CMS, Joomla! 3.6x

With amazing features such as easy customization with multiple module positions, stunning colour variation, rich typography, the supplied template lets you to present content in the best way you like.

There are 4 reasons for you to choose a STUDIO 51 Website:

  • Beautiful Design
  • Stable Feature Rich Joomla! 3.6x Core
  • Dead-easy Configuration & Admin
  • Outstanding Docs & Support
  • 10 years experience with Joomla! Installations




Responsive Layout

Layout banner

The Economy version of our Joomla! website is not responsive. Want a responsive design optimized for all modern mobile devices? Purchase Pro Edition.

Multiple Module Styles

Stunning Colors

There are 2 basic module styles available for you to choose.

In the PRO Edition, you can choose the one that match your brand identity best from several alternative module styles.

Comprehensive Typo

Typo banner

Studio 51 Joomla Sites were developed with extreme focus on typography. There is styling for everything: heading, paragraph, warning text, table, etc.